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Young Couple and Full-Time Parents Thank Isagenix for Time Freedom

  • Way back when, Ryan spent 80 hours a week running the gym he owned. As a former high level athlete who spent time in a Cincinnati Bengals training camp, he was passionate about elite sports training—helping others is a passion of his. But he was missing out on who he loved more: his family.
    Heidi was a stay-at-home mom consistently struggling with low energy levels as she juggled parenthood and the administrative tasks of their business.
    Ryan and Heidi had always imagined they’d have more energy and time in the day for their two children, Eva and Braxton. But between providing for their two children and working excessively long hours, the couple simply felt stuck.

    A Skeptical Mentality

    “Physically and mentally, I was drained and exhausted, and I really didn’t have the time I wanted with my wife and kids,” shares 33-year-old Ryan.
    Because of the field they were in, and the quality of their elite sports gym, Ryan and Heidi were constantly approached by different supplement companies requesting that the couple promote their products.
    “We have several clients that play in the NFL and the NHL, so people wanted to partner with us,” says Ryan. “I was always skeptical about that. I didn’t take the time to check out those products because I was more focused on training my athletes to the best of my abilities.”
    That’s when Ryan met Hayden who was training for professional football and just happened to be building an Isagenix business. Hayden and his wife Emily, who are now Isagenix Millionaires, introduced Ryan to Isagenix.
    “I had never been one to take protein shakes and bars, and was always a big believer in eating clean and healthy,” explains 30-year-old Heidi. “So, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know about the full breadth or background of the products.”
    Ryan agrees: “I had such a negative stigma about Isagenix because I didn’t take the time to understand the products or the business.”

    What’s Behind the Label?

    Ryan and Heidi started on the 30-Day System and claim they “never felt better.” Once the couple began taking the products, their energy shifted—in a noticeable way.
    Her newfound energy gave Heidi the ambition to start working out consistently again—something she hadn’t done regularly in two years.
    “Exercising regularly again is a big deal when you’re new parents and starting a new business,” shares Heidi. “I had always been very active my whole life, so I felt like I had gained a piece of myself back.”
    The system gave Ryan the “jump-start” he was looking for: “I wasn’t looking for fat loss or weight loss; I just needed more mental clarity, more natural energy, and was looking for better digestive health. We both had an amazing product experience.”

    When Heidi discovered she was pregnant with her second child, she immediately consulted with her physician to ensure she could continue taking the products.
    “I didn’t want to jeopardize the health of my baby, so I took a shake canister to my doctor and she was floored by the nutritional value,” says Heidi. “I had horrible energy levels throughout my first pregnancy, but this was a completely different experience—like night and day.”
    Clearly, both Heidi and Ryan were feeling like they had more energy for the things that mattered most.


    Millionaires No. 134

    It was July 4, 2012—seven months into using Isagenix products—when Heidi and Ryan decided to start an Isagenix business.
    “On that Independence Day, we sat down with Hayden and Emily, looked over the business model, and discovered how we were completely wrong in our perception of what network marketing was,” explains Ryan.
    With that, they grasped the business model and watched the time freedom start flowing in. The couple worked the business slowly—but made consistent action and growth a priority.
    Today, Ryan now works part time at his gym—something he’s very passionate about, but is now able to spend more time with his family and still manage his Isagenix business with his wife.
    “Once Heidi and I began our Isagenix business, we kind of kicked ourselves and wished we would have started sooner because of the amazing opportunities it provides. We just hit the ground running and devoted our time and energy into building the business.”

    The Truth Behind Their Success

    Ryan is very adamant about one thing: His gym did not build his business. And that’s a misperception he wants others to toss.
    “I think one of the biggest misunderstandings is we’re successful with Isagenix because we own a sports performance gym,” shares Ryan. “Granted, I know that adds credibility to my position, but about 10 percent of our Isagenix business comes through the gym. We build it through family, friends, entrepreneurs, and people we went to school with, college with, and really reaching out and helping these people.”
    Now the 3-Star Crystal Executive, 8-Star Platinum Circle couple has plans to spend time traveling with their family, possibly expanding the gym to a national level, but most importantly giving back and helping others experience the time and financial freedom Isagenix helped provide.
    “We’ve actually expanded our gym and would not have been able to do that without the residual income we’ve built,” says Ryan. “Isagenix has been an absolute blessing to us—physically and financially—and we feel such a strong purpose to pay it forward and helping others achieve more freedom in their lives.”
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