Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creamy Healthy Delicious Shamrock Shake Recipe/ Better Than McDonalds!

 Two scoops of Isa Lean Shake is 240 calories
Less than 300 calories!
Creamy Healthy & Delicious too!

2 scoops IsaLean® Shake in Natural Creamy Vanilla
8 oz purified water
¼ teaspoon IsaFruits®
1 scoop Isagenix Greens!™
1 handful of ice
Blend until creamy and serve.
Try it with an IsaBlender™!

From “Eat to Live: Isagenix® Healthy Family Recipes Vol. 1” by Andrea Frank Henkart and Kjersti Cote

It does not take a rocket scientist to look at the facts and investigate!

McDonald Shamrock Shake 820 Calories!
McDonalds Shamrock Shake 820 Calories!
115 grams of sugar and 23 grams of FAT!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Source Huffington Post   


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