Friday, March 6, 2015

Thai - one of 2014- Top 5 Celebration- IsaBody Challenge Finalists

At 5’1” Thai struggled with weight most of his life; one pound looked like five pounds on his frame. Over the years, he tried several diets, only to pack back on the pounds. “It was during a trip to Hawaii that I really hit ‘bottom,’” shares Thai. “I saw pictures of myself and was disgusted with how I looked. I was 160 pounds and any muscle I had was covered in fat.” At 39, he decided to change his life and started with his career. He took a personal training course and met Barbara, who shared Isagenix. Thanks to her, he was inspired to change his diet. “I lost weight, gained healthy, lean muscle and really began to feel good about my body for the first time in my life,” adds Thai. His newfound confidence will have him showing off his newly transformed physique as a participant in the Western Canadians Men’s Physique Body competition soon. - See more at: ISAGENIX

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