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Military Family Enlists for Early Retirement

Meet Isagenix Millionaires No. 138  Cindy & Darren!
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 “We had a very hectic lifestyle,” says Cindy, a former gym owner. Her husband Darren was in Special Operations in the Canadian military, and these parents of two felt rushed all the time. “Darren was away a lot,” Cindy remembers, “and we dreamed of being together more.”

About 7 1/2 years ago, Cindy’s friend Dani introduced her to Isagenix. It was an instant hit with their family. Cindy immediately saw the potential in starting an Isagenix business. So she decided to try the products.

“I had great results that I started sharing with my clients at my gym, family, and friends. And, over the course of three years, part time, I created a six-figure income.” 

Cindy’s Isagenix income meant she could have an early retirement at 40, but she wanted more. She’d seen her friend Dani retire her husband and wanted to do the same for Darren. She put her mind to it and succeeded! Darren had committed 35 years of service in order to earn a full pension. He was making a very good income, but he says, “I had managed to get myself promoted to a rank where I was no longer doing the daily things I really loved about the military.”

Cindy had been asking him for several years to consider retiring, and so one day he made her a deal.
  “I told her, when you replace my income, I will put in my release.” Two years later, she did just that. “While I could have walked away with 30 day’s notice, my loyalty to my team drove me to give them a year to plan my replacement.” 

Darren was able to step into his new life after 26 years at 44 years old rather than at 53! “Our reason to get up in the morning now is to make sure we’re there for the kids before they go to school,” shares Darren. “And that’s probably the best part of what we do now,” he continues. He jokes that now that his kids are teenagers they don’t openly admit it, but he and Cindy know they appreciate him being home. Darren and Cindy are not afraid to admit that they are happy designing their own lives and catching up on lost time as a couple.

The Secret to Their Success At the heart of Cindy and Darren’s success are three things: goals, integrating their business into their everyday lives, and creating curiosity (rather than using sales pitches).

Early on, Cindy’s goal was retiring Darren. Their next big goal is to find a destination to retire, and relocate their family and business. Along the way, they’re also working to help their team members create their own success stories. And in the midst of all of that, they’ve managed to cumulatively earn over a million dollars with their Isagenix business. When Cindy started building the business, she was busy raising two kids, and running a gym and a household. However, she was committed to success with Isagenix, and not only fit Isagenix into the “pockets of her day,” but made her business a priority.

Eventually she hired a virtual assistant to help her let go of time-consuming tasks like sorting emails. Nowadays, says Cindy, “We don’t have set Isagenix hours. We really build it into our days.” In fact, after a recent house hunting trip Cindy says, “We have five realtors interested in what we do!” Darren elaborates, Everything we do, that we’re going to do anyway, we manage to fit Isagenix into that.” For them, that means going out of their way to meet new people when they go to the gym and making the most of their time. Another one of their secrets? Whenever they’re traveling together, even on their drive to the gym, whoever isn’t driving uses that time to catch up on emails and social media.
Darren says his focus is on creating curiosity. “Military people, police, and people like that—they don’t like to be approached with any kind of sale,” he shares. So he and Cindy can focus on getting to know people, creating curiosity, and simply sharing their 10- or 30-second story.

“People buy from people they know, like, and trust,” Cindy emphasizes. “Be passionate and genuine and most importantly, don’t be afraid to talk to people!” Anyone who knows Cindy is aware of what she calls her “2-foot” rule. “If you are within two feet of me, you are going to be talking to me,” she laughs. “I am naturally curious, and I enjoy meeting people.” 

Cindy and Darren live by their motto of “Prepare. Live Life.” And now they enjoy meeting others and sharing the Isagenix opportunity every day. - See more at: ISAGENIX

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