Monday, March 2, 2015

Driven for Success: Meet Professional Golfer Matt Atkins -

For a professional golfer, the mental aspect of the game is just as important, if not more important, than the physical. Maintaining complete focus for hours on the course, often under intense weather conditions such as extreme heat or pouring rain, can leave a player drained.
And don’t forget, from a draw to a putt, there are thousands of people anxiously watching their every move.
So how do professional golfers stay on plane with their game to swing through a plethora of games?
For 24-year-old professional golfer Matt Atkins, the solution is combining his personal determination with the right nutrition to stay mentally strong.

The Drive of a Challenge 

Matt began golfing in eighth grade because he loved to challenge himself.
“I fell in love with golf quickly,” shares Matt. “I knew I wasn’t as good as I could be and the challenge to get better was something I looked forward to. I always wanted to strive for something better.”
Years of striving for the better has indeed paid off. The Kentucky-native recently became eligible to participate in the Tour—a qualifying tournament in which the standout players advance to the top level of professional golf, the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) Tour.
For Matt, the PGA Tour is the “ultimate goal.” But he understands that in golf, just like in life, every success comes with a great deal of hard work, focus, and consistency.
 A Little Birdie Introduces Isagenix 
“With golf, you’re never going to be good enough,” he says. “There’s always something you can improve upon. Keeping my strengths where they are and improving my weaknesses will help me get better every year.”
Day-to-day improvement is key for Matt, and he decided to adopt the right nutritional strategy to help him along the way.
“I was looking for an advantage for myself on and off the golf course,” says Matt. “I was traveling a lot for golf and wanted to make sure I always maintained the same energy and strength week to week.”
Matt’s good friend and fellow professional golfer, James White, told him about Isagenix. Without reservation, Matt gave the products a try. “My body can feel the difference,” shares Matt. “It feels cleaner. My focus has been more consistent. For golfers, it’s hard to get in the right mental state. I am able to get in that state more consistently when using the products.”
The Tour takes its participants to golf courses across the United States and some in South America. During his weeks on the road, Matt keeps up his health by bringing along his Isagenix products.

And for a professional golfer like Matt, consistency is crucial.

“For one of my meals I have an IsaLean® Bar or an IsaLean Shake,” says Matt. “The nutrition allows me to play at my highest level more often.”“One shot here or one shot there can make a huge difference at the end,” tells Matt. “You’re going to come across difficult stretches, so being at the top of your health mentally and physically is how you’re going to have an advantage over other players.”
With the PGA Tour on the horizon, Matt says he is never satisfied and continues to play at his best each day. With continual practice and the best nutrition, he knows “the results will speak for themselves.”
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